Tell us a little bit about yourself – Your work background, your interests…

Ah, I feel like I am being interviewed again!! I’m Tulip and this is my second week working for Wiltshire Council and I am loving it! I have been given a really exciting opportunity as an HR Development Officer which means that I get to spend 6 month placements in each area of the HR/OD team. The first placement is in resourcing so I am excited to get stuck in to projects related to attracting the best candidates, using social media in the recruitment process and working on the learning and development offer. As an ex-teacher I am passionate about getting the best out of people and I strive to learn something new each day, that I then share with everyone I come across (whether they are interested in it or not!). My background is in Psychology so I find people really fascinating and I love getting to know them (I promise I won’t psychoanalyse you… much). I am a Frome-ie so it’s not far for me to commute in each day, but I have spent the last few years living across Devon teaching Science and Psychology in a Secondary School in Plymouth. I am a super busy person and I am a sucker for any activities – I am currently training for a half marathon so I run 4 or 5 times a week, I love sea swimming so miss living by the coast, I go to a craft/scrapbooking club once a week (I say it’s ‘martial arts training’ if anyone cool asks where I am going) I love the cinema (Wiltshire Rewards half price Odeon tickets are amazing) and going to festivals and gigs. I am a healthy eating vegetarian so I enjoy going out for food and trying to make delicious meals in an attempt to convince my other half that not every meal needs to involve half a cow covered in cheese!

What’s the best thing about working at Wiltshire Council, and your job specifically?

I know that everyone says it but the flexibility is amazing! I didn’t realise before I started how flexible it actually is – I expected that it would be really good for parents and commuters but didn’t realise that it would allow me to take an hour and a half (or longer) for lunch so I could fit my run in during the day and still make it home at a reasonable time. I also love that we don’t have a specific desk as it means I have met so many more people this week than I would have if I had the same people next to me every day. Wiltshire Rewards are brilliant – I have used it so much already and I now check before I buy anything. The best thing about my job is the amount I am learning and that it is allowing me to be creative and innovative.

Is there anything you wished would come back into fashion?

I really loved those huge luminous trousers that had like strips hanging off them, they were great. To be honest I might try and bring them back in…

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten?

Well as a vegetarian it rules out all of the usual Zebra steaks etc but I would say something weird that I tried recently which was actually delicious was Courgette Porridge (called ‘Zoats’ in America). You literally just grate a whole courgette into your oats and milk and cook it down, add sweetener and fruit etc and it is really filling, yummy and healthy (no, I’m not sponsored by courgettes… wish I was).

What would go into you room 101?

People who stop suddenly when walking.

What is your favourite music for your commute to work?

It really depends on my mood but I love a weird South African duo called Die Antwoord, but I am partial to a bit of Radio 4 as it soothes me on a long drive!

What is your favourite book or film, and why?

I’ve been really bad at making time to read books recently as I tend to read a lot of articles instead, but I am joining a book group (held in the Library at County Hall) that a few friends go to so hopefully that will force me to get back into it again. The Psychopath Test is a really interesting one I have read recently.

What pets do you have?

Well they aren’t technically mine but I live with two gorgeous Italian Greyhounds called Franco and Norman and my parents down in Devon have a pug X spaniel (ugliest dog ever – see below), a really stupid but lovely Bulldog called Boz and a Lurcher called Scrumpy (named as my mum found him running in the road outside a cider factory) so when we all get together it is a really bizarre sight!


What attracted you to Wiltshire Council?

The amazing job opportunity and the innovative way of thinking and working.



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