Well, where to start?

This is my very first blog and I intend to share a little about myself and the journey that I am about to embark on.

My name is Katie; I am 28 years old and have worked for Wiltshire Council for 3 years. I currently work for the Specialist Contact and Assessment team, until January 08th 2016…

In the New Year, I officially start my training to become a qualified social worker with the Step-Up to Social Work course, where I will study at Bournemouth University on the 14 month, post graduate diploma.

I first read about the course online and talked it through with my manager, Marlene. Marlene offered overwhelming support from the start! It was public knowledge that the course had a lot of interest and rates of application would be high. I eventually received the long awaited email informing me that I had been successful in the application stage and inviting me to attend an assessment day in Bournemouth.

Before my assessment day, I enlisted the help and advice of some of my wonderful colleagues who gave me things to consider, remember and emphasise. As well of a few things not to do; one piece of specific advice came from our fearless leader, Marlene who told me, “Don’t talk over people if you get excited!” My incredible supervisors Sam also sat with me for two hours and helped me prepare for the interview, and during a working all-nighter at Summer Solstice I met Jen Salter and Arlene McCarthy, who gave me lots of tips. All of which I used, none of which I shall reveal!

Coincidentally, the assessment day was as nerve wracking as it sounds! In good preparation, mostly because I am usually/always late, I arrived in Bournemouth a full day before my assessment day. It was lovely; the sun was out and, with a “friend”, I went for a long walk on the beach and out for a lovely meal in the evening. I stayed in a hotel and was up early; fuelled with Starbucks and to the surprise of anyone who knows me, I arrived early (yes early)!! I should also mention that the long walk from the day before had marred my feet with terrible blisters and I was not walking with the confidence or finesse I had hoped for.

Literally, months and months went by and I was frantically checking my emails for a response following the assessment day. Well, months and months is probably a slight exaggeration but you get my point I’m sure.

I was really hoping to find out before the family holiday I had planned to Florida but I didn’t. I was in Florida for about two days with my parents when my dad checked his iPad and began reading the eagerly awaited email. I was thrilled that I had been offered a place on the step up to social work course and there was no better place to celebrate than Universal Studios.

Since then things have been nothing short of hectic; preparing for the course and continuing my duties in the Specialist Contact and Assessment Team. I’ve not really had the chance to process that I will be leaving my amazing colleagues who I simply adore. I am excited about the training and the new challenges but I really have learnt so much from the brilliant, supportive and thoughtful team that I will be leaving.

I will be in touch in the New Year with a full and hopefully less frantic update on this journey.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas,

Katie X

Attached is a photo of some of my lovely team from our Christmas Winter Wonderland themed party that took place in Trowbridge Civic Centre.

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