On a wet and windy morning, Terence Herbert, Associate Director of Operational Children’s Services kicked off day two of Wiltshire Council’s new Children’s Services Induction Programme detailing his vision for the Service, embracing new technologies and explaining the future challenges to continue the improvement journey.  It was a packed morning programme including a who’s who in the Legal Team who braved the heavy downpour to introduce themselves and give an overview of their role.  Matthew Look explained the commissioning role and Nicola Bennett, Head of Safeguarding and Quality Assessment put into plain terms her teams roles and promised a further session later on in the 5 day induction package.

Lunch and a breather

Afternoon session, time for a move around and some team work (windows and doors open to alleviate post lunch lag) led by Jackie Chipping, Principal Social Worker and John May Organisation Development Lead with flip charts and marker pens at the ready. 7 groups comprising of a mixture of roles and specialism’s shared their combined knowledge in a challenge to demonstrate their understanding of the core functions within the complex and diverse service that is Children’s Services.  It was impressive to see what a huge knowledge base existed within that room. 

 Jackie finished the day off, with a  group discussion surrounding Auditing processing and Practice Standards.

Well done everyone who delivered,  participated, shared and helped to enable day 2 to be a success – thank you.


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