Tell us a little bit about yourself  – your work background, your interests…

I’m Ian and have been working for Wiltshire for nearly 20 years,  I’ve held a number of jobs within the Council; leading a team of ICT Advisors for Wiltshire’s schools, to project managing Wiltshire Online and now heading-up the Council’s Programme Office. My team provides project and programme management that covers a wide range of work, ranging from implementing large-scale software applications to improving how customers can pay for services on-line.

I love to cycle whether that’s commuting to work on a wet morning in the winter (we have excellent changing / showering facilities!) or up on Salisbury Plain on a lovely summer’s day.

What three items would you take with you on a deserted island?

The top of my list would have to be my iPad (this assumes that the island would have Wifi, and a power supply, which could be a big ask), but assuming that there were the necessary cables to the mainland, then I’d be very content (did I say that I’d also want subscription’s on the iPad for Sky, Spotify, Readly – I could go on….). I’d also bring my mountain bike (hoping the island wasn’t just flat sand). I also like working on my house and DIY, so I guess a really well stocked toolkit so that I could build a cabin / lodge / house / waterfront villa (or most likely a shelter!)

What couldn’t live without?

Obviously my family, but other than that it would be my bike I guess – getting out for a ride is just as good for the heart as it is for the head – helps to keep you fit and sane!

What’s the best thing about working at Wiltshire Council?

It sounds cheesy, but it’s not and it would have to be the people that I work with; I have a great team that I’m proud to lead. I’ve been fortunate to have worked with a tremendous group of colleagues. The work has always been rewarding, engaging and at times challenging, bit always with the intention to make a positive difference.

I also think the flexible working set-up has been a great step forward, you quickly become complacent with it, forgetting how it used to be – having the same desk and fixed equipment! Now you can work in just about any of our sites if you want, using technology that allows you to do pretty much everything you need from your laptop.




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