I joined Wiltshire Council back in June this year coming from the Leisure Trust sector. My initial draw to the post, Head of Service in Leisure Operations, was the ground breaking link to Public Health. My initial worries were that coming from the trust sector it would seem very bureaucratic but my first impressions are that the culture is one of ‘CAN DO’.

Whilst the Leisure Industry has been trying to prove it’s undoubted links to the health of the nation for several years now, few if any Public Health departments have had the foresight to actually take on Leisure within their remit.

My experience to date has been nothing but positive. The council have embarked on an ambitious project of creating ‘state of the art’ facilities out of their existing leisure centres. Again this is a very positive step in encouraging the Wiltshire Public to exercise more often and thus lead longer more fulfilled lives. Playing a large part in this programme is a very privileged situation to be involved in.

The whole culture of the council is one that invites innovation and change, a dynamic which is very exciting to be part of.

Whilst there are many challenges that lay ahead for local government, Wiltshire Council would seem to be embracing those as opportunities and creating a very resilient, ‘CAN DO’ workforce that it is a real pleasure to be part of.

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