No two days are the same in my OT world – every day I am learning something new and never have a chance to get bored! Normally before starting my own work I like to complete my supervisor work. I supervise 6 Customer Coordinators (CCs) formally and am kept busy by their questions and queries. After I have checked through their work and am happy with what has been done, I close their OT cases down on our Carefirst system. I also complete one to one supervision with the CCs and group supervision

After completing supervising work, I check my emails, book in visits and make phone calls. I normally schedule visits in advance but occasionally when they are urgent they have to be arranged at the last minute. Customers can be located anywhere in the north of Wiltshire: I have had them as far afield as Crudwell, Purton and Cricklade. On average I attend 2 visits in a day but this can vary depending on other responsibilities.

The request for an OT assessment comes from a variety of people – for example, the customer themselves, relative, paid carers, GP etc – with the specific reason varying widely from Moving and Handling needs to Disabled Facilities Grants and everything in between! I assess how a customer’s disability/medical conditions affect how much they can do for themselves. I try and promote their independence and minimise risks by recommending equipment or adaptations to the home, giving advice and signposting to further support if needed. Where possible, I also try and reduce the amount of care going in.

I work closely with other professionals such as Health OTs/physios, care providers, GPs and carers. I see anyone over 18 years old – so far my oldest customer was 100! Examples of the types of conditions I have worked with include: Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Motor Neurone Disease, Huntington Disease and Progressive Super nuclear Palsy.

After completing each visit I write up the assessment on Carefirst and start the intervention. Further paperwork will then be completed depending on outcome. Some of my current interventions are: stair lifts, level access showers, and extensions, provision of slings, ceiling track hoist, shower chair, reduction of care packages, Blue Badge assessment and Housing Report.

I also complete Specialist Response (AKA Duty desk) for an average of two and a half sessions a week. I will tell you all about SR in my next blog…..


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