Tell us a little bit about yourself (as much as you want to reveal!) – your work background, your interests…

From a young age, I wanted to be the next Billy Elliott, so I took up dance lessons along with attending Dance college. However the dance shoes began to gather dust and so my career path soon changed. I began working for the global retail brand, ALLSAINTS which was located in Bath and I was there for 5 years. I worked my way up to an instore Visual Merchandiser. This meant most of my time I had to work when the shop was closed, to enable us to move the stock around, and make the store look visually interesting. After a few years and after consuming way too many cans of red bull to get me through the night, it was time to move away from retail and leave the hangers and clothes behind – I do miss the discount though!

In the meantime, a few family friends worked at Wiltshire Council and told me about the Wiltshire Temporary Bank, I thought it would be a great stepping stone to move into local government, so I didn’t hesitate about putting my application forward. The council offer a huge variety of services and if you are unsure where your skills are best placed it’s a perfect position to start.

I was lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to complete three different assignments across the council, from working in Housing to then Child Protection, these were based at our hubs in County Hall and Monkton Park. My longest work placement was with the OD&L team and for a year I had a taster of learning new skills, taking on workloads/projects with different managers, in particular being a part of the grow core support team, developing the new system and guiding the rest of the council to engage with it.

Recently, HR went through a restructure and I successfully gained a permanent role within the HR Resourcing Team. I am now really looking forward to a new challenge, I know this is a career I want to develop myself in, it will widen my skill set and hopefully open up more opportunities for me in the near future.

Me and my partner Greg do enjoy travelling to different countries each year. As Greg is a teacher, he likes to plan in great detail, which always pays off. We have been to some amazing places including, Vegas, Paris, San Francisco, Walt Disney World, Italy, Los Angeles and Portugal. We are hoping to visit Tokyo or try a cruise next year.

From watching too many episodes of Great British Bake off, I have recently taken an interest in baking. At present, it is still a select few receipts that I have mastered. The first time I tried to bake, I clearly thought I was Mary Berry and tried to bake a red velvet cake. Sadly, it swiftly made its way into the bin!

What makes you have a good day at work? 

Being able to cross off everything on your ‘to-do’ list, even though most of the time you keep adding to it. But overall the most important part is the team, everyone is approachable, friendly and can have a laugh, which always set you up for a great productive day.

What’s the best thing about working at Wiltshire Council? 

Walking into work, the building itself is amazing. Open planned office environments, flexible working, this creates a unique work culture. I even like how you can take your meeting out of a room and into the atrium, grab a coffee and find a quiet area on one of the sofas.

What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

Recently I went on a two week road trip across California. We hired a Jeep to travel the 1500+ miles (I am used to driving a small Mini Cooper) so the thought of driving on the another side of the road in a larger car on the freeway, with 7 lanes of traffic was a huge challenge. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it and nothing beats travelling on roads through snow-capped mountains, city streets of San Fran and driving over the Golden Gate bridge.

What couldn’t live without?

Starbucks Coffee – think I am addicted. We seem to have a vast amount of the ‘You are here’ Starbucks mugs in the house too, these have been collected from different Starbucks stores around the world. I am still waiting for Trowbridge to have a drive-through Starbucks, lazy I know but would help with the Monday morning commute!

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