Claudia Meet our People

Tell us a little bit about yourself  – your work background, your interests…

Hi – I’m Claudia. I have been at the council for nearly two years. I started here on a placement as part of my Masters in Human Resource Management and was taken on after my placement. I am a Strategic HR Project Officer (bit of a mouthful I know!), which means I work on HR projects which affect our workforce (positively!). My key projects are running our amazing staff benefits site, Wiltshire Rewards (shameless plug – a great reason to work here – saving money at Amazon and John Lewis, to name a few!), supporting our resourcing efforts, including working on our social work recruitment campaign, and exploring how we can facilitate smart workforce planning through succession and career planning.

I am a proud Army wife and love that my job enables me to champion being a military spouse by creating networking events for other military spouses and partners.

I have been married just over a year and am currently expecting our first child who will be making an appearance this summer! It is great to know that the council offers so many family friendly policies, such as enhanced maternity pay and flexible working, as well as childcare vouchers.

A bit more about me… Before working at Wiltshire Council, I was a teacher. I used to have BRIGHT pink hair. I love music and have a very eclectic collection. I am addicted to Cadbury’s Mini Eggs – which proves tricky for most of the year. I get shamelessly competitive at pub quizzes. I cut off 12 inches of my hair and donated to the Little Princess Trust and raised over £600 in September.

What makes you have a good day at work?

Crossing things off my to-do list and making my colleagues laugh.

If you could share a meal with any 4 individuals, living or dead, who would they be

Stephen Fry, Ke$ha, Kurt Cobain and Dave Lamb (so he could narrate it, Come Dine with Me style!)

What would go into your room 101…

Radio presenters talking over the ends of songs! And people not knowing when to go at mini-roundabouts, so all three of you sit there like lemons for a while!

What’s the best thing about working at Wiltshire Council?

I love my job. It’s an unusual feeling! I work with a great team, and have effective and inspiring colleagues and managers. The work that I get to undertake is varied, challenging and rewarding. The absolute best thing though has to be the autonomy. I am afforded a great deal of autonomy by my managers and am trusted to approach projects in my own way. Our outcomes-focused culture means we place emphasis on results and delivery, which gives me the freedom to take creative and new approaches to projects.

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